Welcome to the leading non-governmental corporation in the arena of global education. We often misunderstand teaching as a luxury when it is a necessity. The concept that was conceived by a group of college friends has now become a collective voice of millions. In the past, HobbyInterest has uplifted many lives dwelling in the backward regions and provided them with the best living conditions. Our primary motive is not just about people and their well-being but also the betterment of the communities. We are the propagators of quality education to less privileged children across the world. The foundation of our organization is based on modern ideologies and human values.

What We Do

Without the proper resources and facilities, a child feels disabled and is compelled to accept his harsh reality. However, every child is capable of achieving greatness in his life. With our initiative, we aim to inspire children to dream big and pursue their ambitions and goals. Besides this, we believe in imbibing reading culture among kids at an early age. The more you read, the more inclined you become towards your surroundings. Our diverse mentor-ship programs offer essential life skills to women worldwide to make them self-reliant. These special arrangements are carried out under the guidance and expertise of our various volunteers who are masters in their respective fields, including education, science, law, accountancy, and business.

Furthermore, parents and teachers have a vital role to play in the development and growth of a child. Hence, our volunteers reach out to the communities directly to promote how home and school institutions influence children and their present and future. The unwavering support from a plethora of government centers also enables us to create a friendly environment for children studying at home as well as formal settings. 

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“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s natural desire to learn.”